Equilibrium Estate Wine

Project detail

Equilibrium Estate is a conceptual project focused on a sustainable, carbon neutral producer of Australian wine. Their ethics and the eco friendly production practices that have formed the foundations of the vineyard are significant contributors to what can be identified as a unique selling point within the market.

Through simple yet distinctive information graphics and a conscious, well-informed use of material and print production methods, each labeled bottle aims to communicate one particular area in the vineyards production process in which minimises the negative impact on the global environment. These comprise of the reduction of water use and waste, the use of only organic grapes, decreasing the effects of climate change such as rising sea levels and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Consciously materialised, the labels have been both die cut and printed in specific areas in order to create an interactive user experience. As the product is consumed, the labels take on an unexpected function where particular die-cut shapes, that were once part of the infographic, disappear and in turn illustrate the positive outcomes of vineyard’s sustainable practice.